Who Can Apply / Why To Apply / How To Apply / Recognition Process

Who Can Apply?

1. All the Companies/firms registered in India in the following categories:

  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium/ Small/ Micro Enterprises
  • Start-up
  • R&D Institute
  • Academic Institute

  • Manufacturing* & Services* Investment # Turnover
    Micro Enterprises Up to 1 cr. Less than 5 cr.
    Small Enterprises Up to 10 cr. Less than 50 cr.
    Medium Enterprises Up to 20 cr. Less than 100 cr.
    Large Enterprises Above 20 cr. Above 100 cr.

    *Enterprises engaged in the manufacture or production, processing or preservation of goods. Investment in plant and machinery is the original cost excluding land and building and the items specified by the Ministry of Small-Scale Industries vide its notification No.S.O.1722(E) dated October 5, 2006.
    **Enterprises engaged in providing or rendering of services and whose investment in equipment (original cost excluding land and building, and furniture, fittings and other items not directly related to the service rendered or as may be notified under the MSMED Act, 2006)

    2. All the Companies

    1. Providing services in managing MSW such as collection & transportation, processing/ recovery and scientific disposal including landfill management.
    2. Managing wastes generated in from their industrial activities; their own activities by adopting best waste management practices, 4R practices and through disposal system.
    3. Producing products which generate minimum/zero waste or lead to no waste
    4. Sells or import any plastics and packaging items and electronic commodity/ or engaged in production of plastic raw material to be used as raw material or generate electronic items /or responsibility for collection and channelization of these waste, and recyclers.

    3. Start-ups incorporated or registered in India with following criteria:

    1. Up to a period of ten years from the date of incorporation/registration.
    2. Annual turnover not exceeding Rs 25 crore in any preceding financial year, and
    3. If it works towards innovation, development or improvement of products or processes or services, or if it's a scalable business model with a high potential of employment generation or wealth creation
    4. Start-ups which are offering innovative solutions for sustainable waste management.

    Why to apply

    • Recognized as organization having best practices excellence in waste minimization/ management in industrial operations and/ or adopting 4R practices to minimize waste among business circles
    • Exclusive webinar for the winners of CII 4R Awards
    • Promotion through CII’s website, social media and other channels
    • Brief case study of winners in CII 4R Awards compendium “India’s top companies managing waste most efficiently” and the book will be disseminated widely to Government, foreign embassies in India, Indian embassies in foreign counties and Industry and all relevant stakeholders.
    • Four (04) free delegates pass for the CII International Conference on waste to worth.
    • Winners can brand through CII 4R Awards logo.
    Other Applicants
    • Top 20 companies (other than winners) will be awarded with Letter of Appreciation and other will receive letter of participation
    • Given an opportunity to present their waste management best practices in one of the CII waste management webinars.
    • Promotion through CII’s website, social media and other channels
    • Promotion through CII’s website, social media and other channels.
    • Two (02) free delegates pass for the CII International Conference on waste to worth.

    How to Apply

    1. Registration

    2. The applicant needs to register through link in website by filling up a form, which includes details about the organization.

    3. Application

    4. After online registration, the applicant has to fill up the online application form, depending upon the category (ies) would like to apply for and submit the same online.

      In case of Excellence in 4R by Industry (Managing own waste),Excellence in Innovation Solutions / technology by Research Institutes for Sustainable Waste Management and Excellence in Managing Municipal Solid Waste by ULBs,  the applicant can download the application and send the dully filled in application at given email id

    5. Submission of Relevant Documents

    6. The applicant needs to register through link in website by filling up a form, which includes details about the organization. After submission of application, the applicant also needs to share relevant documents such as to verify that written submission truly reflects organization’s system and process of waste minimization

    7. Payment for Participation

      • The payment towards participation fees (depending upon the sector) has to be made within the last date.
      • The application will not be considered for evaluation without the participation fees payment.
    8. Registration Fee

      The participation fee is as below :

    9. Scale Fee Category Corporate Annual Sales Turnover (INR) Total Fee* (GST as applicable)
      Large Enterprises Above 250 Cr to 1000 crore INR 40,000 /-
      MSME Less than 250 Cr INR 25,000 /-
      Research / Academic Institutes INR 15,000 /-
      Start-ups** INR 10,000 /-


      1. Applicant has to select the scale and fee category (large, MSMEs etc.) carefully while making the payment. CII reserves a right to disqualify the application form (s) in case of discrepancy in scale and fee category
      2. *includes the cost of initial stage of evaluation by experts of appraisal committee; cost of jury; CII 4R Awards Book, travel cost, honorarium for expert appraisal committee, accommodation, certificates, Trophies, Jury meeting, Award ceremony, participation certificate to participants etc.

        Mode of Payment

        The payment can be made online while submitting the form or via RTGS/ NEFT or via cheque or CII online payment link. The payment will be duly acknowledged on its receipt

        1. CII online payment link: For online payment please click here.
        2. Bank Details for Payment by Online Transfer
          In case, you are making payment through RTGS / NEFT, please share the payment details for acknowledgement

        3. Account Holder Name: CONFEDERATION OF INDIAN INDUSTRY
          Bank Name and Address STANDARD CHARTERED BANK 23 Barakhamba Road, Narain Manzil New Delhi- 110001
          Bank Account Number 522-0-503577-5
          IFSC Code SCBL0036020

        4. For Payment by Cheque: Organizations making payment through cheque which can be issued it in favour of ‘Confederation of Indian Industry’, payable at New Delhi. The same can be courier at following address:

        5. Ms. Nabanita Mukherjee / Ms. Gargi Sharma

          Confederation of Indian Industry
          249-F, Udyog Vihar, Phase-IV
          Sector-18, Gurgaon-122 015 (Haryana)

    Evaluation Process and Assessment Criteria

    1. Evaluation Process:

      1. Notes:

      2. *In case of Excellence In 4R for Industry (Managing Own Waste), the visits to plants of Top companies selected from Stage 3 (turnover above INR 1000 crores) by 1 or 2 experts may be organized and the cost of travel and accommodations would be borne by the select participant(s). However, the visit would be organised, considering the situation, requirement and discussion with experts of appraisal committee.
      3. The preliminary evaluation will be done based on application (s) submitted by applicants online or via email and afterward the above-mentioned process.
      4. Each entry will be evaluated based on the category or sub-category chosen by the applicant.
      5. Applicants can apply for more than 01 category. In case of multiple category entries by applicants, each entry will be evaluated independently.
    2. Assessment Criteria

      • The applicants for the Excellence in 4R by Industry, Excellence in Managing MSW by Industry and ULBs, Innovation by Start-ups for Sustainable Waste management, and Excellence in Managing Plastics & Packaging waste or E-wastes through EPR Strategies would be majorly evaluated by following :
        1. Waste Management Resources
        2. Waste Management Strategies
        3. Sustainable and innovative business model
        4. Impacts/ Benefits
        5. Future plan

      • The applicants for the category of Excellence in developing the zero/minimum waste products would be majorly evaluated by following :
        1. Product development Resources
        2. Innovative Products
        3. Product Impact
        4. Future plan

      • The applicants for the Excellence in Innovative solution by Research Organisations / Academic Institutions for sustainable waste management would be majorly evaluated by following :
        1. Research problems
        2. Technology readiness level / Potential Business
        3. Model
        4. Impact
        5. Future plans

        Evaluation depends on the discretion of experts of Appraisal committee and CII Grand jury.

    3. Terms of Conditions

      1. The participation fees once paid is non-refundable under any circumstances.
      2. The applicant can withdraw his / her application at any time during the award process, however the participation fees paid will not be refunded.
      3. If the applicant fails to share relevant documents to verify that written submission truly reflects organization’s system and process of waste minimization, the CII 4R Awards reserves the right to not considering the application. This decision is at the sole discretion of the CII 4R Awards and no correspondence will be entered into.
      4. The CII 4R Awards reserves the right to request further evidence.
      5. Information supplied within or in relation to the application must be real, correct and complete. Please note that all personal or sensitive information will be treated as confidential.
      6. The decision of the expert appraisal committee and members of Grand Jury is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
      7. All submission material and accompanying documentation must be clearly written in the English language.
      8. By submitting an application to the 4R Awards, the applicant is agreeing to the abovementioned terms and conditions of entry.