Partner with CII and conduct webinars

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) towards encouraging the policy and best practices of waste management across the industry and with the vision of enabling sustainable environment with appropriate solid waste management companies in India, has decided to bring together the learnings and the best practises through.
the series of webinars that will focus on the below:

  • To showcase the Policy Advocacy and Recommendations to Government
  • To encourage the Pilot project (s) to demonstration of end-to-end (collection, segregation, transportation, processing, safe disposal) municipal solid waste management solutions for a few wards of an Indian city.
  • For better networking and Learning Platforms –International Conference, Seminars and webinars on various aspects of waste management & recycling
  • For giving the emphasis on Awards & Recognition- Recognizing the exemplary work of India industry in various categories of waste management
  • To bring more Stakeholder Engagements –Government, International Waste agencies, industry, academia, research institutes and media